Multiplication Chart 1-100

We’ve developed a brightly colored multiplication chart that is easy to use when teaching your child the times tables. Multiplication ChartThe chart is organized with the factors listed across the top row and the first column of the chart. The product of the factors is found where two factors intersect on the chart.



Multiplication Chart

For example, the factors three and four intersect to provide the product twelve.

Using the chart

Learning the times tables can be difficult for many children. The memorization of the times tables comes down to repetition. If you want your child to repeat the times tables over and over you need to find ways to provide interesting ways to do this.

Here are some tips when using the 1-100 multiplication chart:

  • Practice makes perfect – when learning a new times table have your child recite the times table from the chart.

Multiplication Chart

  • Focus on one factor at a time – Stick to one factor and ‘play’ with it until your child becomes familiar with it and its products. Remember – committing all the products to memory will take time, it won’t happen in one sitting! You might like to use the vertically or horizontally colored charts for this. Pick a colour and work through it!
  • Work in sections – Show your child up to the five times table first. Then work on bigger numbers later.
  • Find the answer – call out random multiplication questions and have your child find the answer on the chart.
  • Remember – it doesn’t matter in what order the 2 numbers are that you are multiplying; the result will be the same. For example, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4. Essentially, your child only has to know the products of half the table!


The multiplication chart is a great tool for visually representing a number of different early math concepts.

Take care to ensure that you only use the chart as a teaching aid, children still need to understand the concept of “X lots of Y”.

Three Versions

We have included three colored versions for your use in pdf format:

The Vertically colored and Horizontally colored versions are great to use when you are focusing on one times table at a time.

Multiplication Chart  Multiplication Chart

The Horizontally and vertically colored version multiplication chart 1-100 is a good way to show your child how the numbers intersect, and also ideal for memorising squares (multiplying a number by itself).

Multiplication Chart

Learn more at our hundreds chart multiplication pattern page.


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