1 – 5 Times Tables Chart | 1-5 times table chart

Try using this 1-5 Times Tables Chart when you start teaching your child multiplication. 1 to 5 Times Tables ChartThe chart covers the first five times tables and contains all the multiples from 1 through to 12.

The chart is brightly colored so that it is easy for parents and teachers to discuss with children. The large lettering allows for practice in reciting the times tables and for quizzes to be played with the chart.

Download the free 1-5 Times Tables Chart >>

Multiplication Chart – Times Tables 1-5

Multiplication Chart

In addition to the chart above, you can also use this multiplication chart. The chart is organized with the factors 1-5 listed across the top row and the factors 1-12 listed in the first column. The product of the factors is found where two factors intersect on the chart.

For example, you can see that where factors 2 and 8 intersect the answer 16 appears.

This chart is also ideal for learning to skip count (see below for details).

Visit our multiplication chart 1-100 for more information on these types of charts >>.

Download the free Multiplication Chart – 1-5 Times Tables >>


Using the times tables chart

Many adults have difficulty with times tables so you can imagine how tricky times tables can be for children. To help your child memorize the times tables you will need to be prepared to spend plenty of time, create fun and interest and repeat exercises over and over.

Here are some suggestions on the things you can do:

  • Practice makes perfect – when learning a new times table have your child recite the times table from the chart.
  • Focus on one factor at a time – Stick to one factor and ‘play’ with it until your child becomes familiar with it and its products. Remember – committing all the products to memory will take time, it won’t happen in one sitting!
  • Work in sections – Start with the two and three times tables and then work up to four and five when your child is ready.
  • Find the answer – call out random multiplication questions and have your child find the answer on the chart.
  • Times Table Videos – there are many great videos online that you can use to help teach your child the times tables. See our times table video page for our recommendations.
  • Hundreds Chart – use a hundreds chart to show your child how multiplication works. You can use a hundreds chart to demonstrate the multiplication patterns that each times table creates.Below is an example of the 3 times table multiplication pattern.

Hundreds Chart - 3 Times Table

  • Skip Counting – try teaching your child to skip count. Skip counting is when you count in increments other than one.For example skip counting by two goes like this: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Skip counting is a good math skill for kids to learn – it improves their ability to understand multiplication plus gives children the ability to count objects faster (counting objects by two is much faster than counting by one).
  • Race against the clock – with a stop watch time how long it takes to recite a times table off the chart or from memory. Record the times so that you can have your child try to beat their best time.
  • Remember – it doesn’t matter in what order the 2 numbers are that you are multiplying; the result will be the same. For example, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4 both equal 24. A lot of kids would know that 6 x 4 = 24, but if you asked them 4 x 6 they would scratch their heads.


Teaching times tables can be difficult but, with the right tools and variety of approaches you can make it fun and interesting for your child.

Take care to ensure that you only use the chart as a teaching aid – children still need to understand the concept of “X lots of Y”.

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