Introduction to Multiplication

If your child can grasp the concept of multiplication at a young age, they're off to a good start.

Understanding Multiplication

Multiplication is adding a number to itself multiple times. Just visualising that concept could stop anyone in their tracks! An easy way to explain this to kids is by showing them ‘groups of’ a number of objects, and referring to it the same way. For example – there are 4 groups of 2 apples (that is, 4 lots of 2 apples).

Our introduction to multiplication worksheets give children the opportunity to identify the number of groups of objects in very simple examples.

This introduction to multiplication worksheet shows groups of bright, familiar shapes. Help your child to count the number of groups, and the number of shapes within each group.

This worksheet gives your child a hands-on opportunity to identify the number of groups according to the statement by circling the correct number of items.

With no visual clues, your child can create their own ‘groups of’ objects according to the multiplication statement. Choose simple objects or shapes to draw to keep this activity fun!

More Multiplication Resources

Times Tables Chart – try the 1-5 Times Tables Chart as aid for teaching the times tables. Move on to the 1-10 Times Tables Chart once the first chart is mastered.

Multiplication Chart – use our Multiplication Chart 1-100 to cover the all the times tables up to ten.

Multiplication Flash Cards – Flash cards are a great tool for memorization. Use these printable multiplication flash cards to help your child with recalling their multiplication facts.

Multiplication Worksheets – use the Multiplication Worksheets to cover the all the times tables up to ten.

Times Tables Videos – to make the recital of times tables more fun try the 1-5 Times Tables Video recommendations or visit our YouTube channel for a range of videos from 2 to 12 times tables.

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