Skip Counting

skip counting

Once your child has mastered the basics of counting and 1-to-1 correspondence, skip counting is an ideal next step.

We have produced a range of worksheets to help your child learn to skip count by twos, fives and tens.

What is skip counting?

This type of counting is just what it sounds like – when you skip a certain amount of numbers while counting. For example, counting by twos goes 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.


  • Ideal preparation for learning multiplication times tables
  • Speeds up your child’s ability to count objects
  • Develops understanding of number patterns and concepts
  • Increased familiarity with how numbers work and how to use them

Side bar – is your child ready?

(If your child hasn’t yet mastered basic counting or 1-to-1 correspondence you might find our Numbers Chart and Preschool Number Activities more useful at this stage).

Free worksheets

We have produced two different types of printable worksheets. If you wish to print them all off at once, please click here

1. Fill in the blanks

First, we have an introductory worksheet to counting by two, which asks your child to fill in the missing numbers:

Skip Counting by two introduction

Then there are six further worksheets, two each for the numbers 2, 5 and 10 (a beginners one and a challenging one).

Skip Counting by two beginner  Skip Counting by two challenging Skip Counting by five beginner

Skip Counting by five challenging Skip Counting by ten beginner  Skip Counting by ten challenging

2. Coloring in the patterns

Some children respond better to visual learning. To cater for these children we have included three hundreds charts for them to color in the numbers by twos, fives and tens. We suggest you spend some time with your child as they color them in, discussing the pattern that appears in each one and counting aloud with them.

Skip Counting hundreds chart colored by twos  Skip Counting hundreds chart colored by fives  Skip Counting hundreds chart colored by tens

Skip Counting Videos

Learning to skip count can be made easy with the help of with our skip counting videos. Click here or visit the Guruparents channel on YouTube.

Skip Counting Songs

Here are some fun online songs to help your child learn how to skip count:

Counting by twos

Counting by fives

Counting by tens

Next steps

If your child is ready to move on to learning their multiplication times tables, our Multiplication Chart is a good start. The chart is nice and bright and your child can use it to work out the product of any two numbers from one to ten.

And for a musical approach, take a look at our range of times tables videos. You can use these videos to help your child with learning and then mastering the times tables – the twos, fives and tens are the easiest and most common times tables to start with.


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