1-5 Times Table Videos

You can use 1-5 Times Tables videos to help your child with learning and then mastering the times tables. Here is a compilation of some times tables videos we recommend from Youtube.

One Times Table

childrenlovetosing – 1 Times Table

This simple and rhythmic song covers the one times table. It is a catchy song that includes a test section that allows kids to answer each multiplication question.

Two Times Table

KidsTV123 – The 2 Times Table Song

This is a slow and gentle rendition of the two times table. As each multiple is introduced the video shows another lot of twos and so provides a great visual of how multiplication works.

School House Rock TV – Elementary My Dear

It’s a fun song that features Noah and his son. They calculate the number of animals by multiplication as they leave the ark in pairs.


Three Times Table

laughalongandlearn – 3 Times Table

This video is set to reggae beats and recites the three times tables at a steady pace. The video also has a verse that allows children to answer each multiple of three.

Four Times Table

laughalongandlearn – 4 Times Table

This video is set to the tune of B.I.N.G.O. and features a rabbit and some flowers reciting the times tables. With a steady pace and catchy tune it is quite a good way to get your child to sing the times tables.

Five Times Table

philsnydernet – 5 Times Table Multiplication Song

Set to a Hawaiian theme this song gently rolls through the five times table.

Multiplication Explained

Khan Academy – Basic Multiplication

This video provides an explanation for how math works. Structured as a lesson, the video runs for 13 minutes and is a great refresher for parents or to show to your child when they have an advanced understanding of basic math.


Khan Academy – Multiplication 2

This video provides an overview on times tables. This video runs for 15 minutes and provides a visual explanation of how a times table is constructed. Good for advanced kids.

Other times table resources

1 – 5 Times Tables Chart – try the 1-5 Times Tables Chart as another great aid for teaching the times tables.

Multiplication Chart – use the Multiplication Chart 1-100 to cover the all the times tables up to ten.

Speed Mathematics – read our book review on Speed Mathematics. A book that provides techniques for fast mental math.

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