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Click here to download all 30 question worksheets

Click here to download all 30 answer worksheets


Maybe we’re biased, but we think our multiplication worksheets are an ideal way to improve children’s knowledge of their times tables – in a fun, fast way!

Each worksheet contains 30 questions. But rather than simply listing the questions down the page, we have presented them in a multiplication grid format.

“Why is this relevant?” we hear you ask.

Well, there are 4 reasons that we have designed our free printable multiplication worksheets in this way:

1. Comfort: The multiplication grid format has the effect of condensing the questions into a nice compact space – making the task feel much more achievable.

2. Satisfaction: A child can see their progress as they work through the grid and will gain pleasure once they’ve filled it in – like the satisfaction of gazing at a “to do” list in which every item has been crossed off.

3. Competition: The consistent format allows for ease of comparison – with other children or with a child’s own earlier work. Children will know they are getting faster because their times will improve.

4. Ease: Whether you’re a parent, tutor or teacher you’ll appreciate how user-friendly the format is: from the minimal instructions required, through to how quick they are to mark.

multiplication worksheetsmultiplication worksheets

Alternatively, if you would prefer to simply pay a few dollars and order some worksheets online, plenty are available. This set contains a wide range of questions, from beginner through to advanced, and has received good reviews.

Our Free Worksheets

We have produced 30 multiplication worksheets (that’s 900 questions in total), which we have divided into three groups. A completed answer sheet is included for every worksheet.

1. Beginner: These focus on the more basic multiplication math facts, specifically the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. (Click here for answer sheets).

2. Intermediate: The 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables are now also included. (Click here for answer sheets).

3. Advanced: All multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 are now fair game! (Click here for answer sheets).

If your child is not quite ready for these worksheets yet, you may find our multiplication flash cards useful.

Suggestions For Use

For parents

1. Complete some of the worksheets with your child, taking it in turns to fill in each square.

2. Print off two copies of the same worksheet, for you and your child to complete separately. Then, swap sheets and mark each other’s work using the answer sheet. Discuss any that your child (or you!) gets wrong.

3. If your child is progressing well and will appreciate some competition, start timing their work with a stopwatch. Keep a record of their work and see if they can beat their personal best time (all answers must be correct for the time to count!)

4. Again, if your child will respond well to it, add some further competition by timing how quickly parents and other relatives or friends can finish a worksheet.

For teachers/tutors

Have your students complete a worksheet at the start of each lesson, against the clock.

And to introduce some healthy competition why not put a leader board of the fastest students (who answered every question correctly) on display in the classroom. Done properly, this will inspire children to want to do better and encourage them to put in some practice to try to make the list.

Obviously, you will need to show due sensitivity to children who are not as fast, so they are not ashamed or intimidated.

Final Word

As with every aspect of learning, our multiplication worksheets can only be effective if used in a happy, fun environment. If you use them to pressure your child into getting better or if your child simply doesn’t like doing them then they will be counter-productive. Remember that all children learn at different speeds and in different ways!

But used properly, we have every confidence that these worksheets will be a valuable tool in helping children learn – and get fast at – their multiplication times tables.

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