Phonics Worksheets

We have a range of free phonics worksheets that are available for parents and teachers to use.

Phonics  Worksheet 1  Phonics  Worksheet 1   Phonics  Worksheet 1   Phonics  Worksheet 1
These phonics worksheets are simple and ideal for beginners. Just help your child identify the pictures and color or connect the correct sounds to make the word. Then they can write out the word themselves!

  • Worksheet 1 starts with simple three -letter words that are easy to sound out.
  • Worksheet 2 introduces two-letter sound endings
  • Worksheet 3 starts with two-letter sound beginnings
  • Worksheet 4 features two-letter sound at the beginning and end of each word.

Phonics Sounds Chart – Word Beginnings

Phonics  Sounds Chart Word BeginningsTry using this Word Beginning Sounds Chart when you start teaching your child to read. The chart covers twenty of the most common two letter sounds used to begin words.

Word Beginning Sounds – Worksheets

Beginning Sounds worksheets
Our free and printable Beginning Sounds Worksheets will come in handy when you start teaching your child to read. There are twenty worksheets you can use to cover a range of letter blends and digraphs (unique sounds). Read more>>


Phonics Sounds Chart – Word Ends

Phonics worksheets

Using a phonics sounds chart is one way to help a child recognize the sounds that make up a word.
The Phonics Sounds Chart for Word Ends provides twenty common word endings that your child is likely to encounter.
For worksheets focusing on each word ending sound, click here >>


Word Ending Sounds Worksheet 1

Phonics worksheetsChildren need to identify the pictures on this ending sounds worksheet using the first letter that has been given as a clue. Once your child has correctly identified the image they can attempt to spell out the word ending.

The pictures that have been used in this worksheet are all phonetically spelt.


Word Ending Sounds Worksheet 2

Phonics worksheetsThis ending sounds worksheet has 6 rows featuring unique phonics word endings.

To complete this phonics worksheet children need to circle the pictures in each row that have that word ending.
There are two to three correct answers in each row.


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