Weather Worksheets

For practice learning about the weather, try our free and printable weather worksheets.

Weather words

Weather Worksheet 1

Match the picture of the weather with its word. This weather worksheet reinforces our weather chart with simple word and image recognition.

Weather pictures

Weather Worksheet 2

Match the image associated with that type of weather.
You don’t always have to stay indoors in dreary weather. Ask your child to think about the weather – ‘What can you do when it’s windy outside?’
‘What do you need to take with you when it is raining?’

This worksheet has one image for the basic types of weather, but you can discuss with your child more activities to do in different types of weather. For example – jump in puddles after the rain, build sandcastles at the beach when it is sunny.

What’s the weather today?Weather Worksheet 3

Keep track of the weather each day! Ask your child to circle the type of weather outside. Occasionally you may need to circle more than one in a day!

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