Number Line Charts

Once your child is familiar with numbers, it’s time to teach them how to ‘count on’, using our Number Line Charts.

Counting on is when your child is able to count from a number other than one, and continue a sequence of numbers picked at random.
For example you can ask your child ‘What is 4 + 3?’. They should be able to count from 4, that is: 4; 5, 6, 7.Number Line 0-10

A great way to practice this is on a number line chart. Great for visualization, your child can see at a glance the numbers on a line, and practice counting on from a random number.



Preschool Missing Numbers WorksheetAnother way to practice reciting sequential numbers picked at random is on our Missing Numbers Worksheets.

See below for our selection of Missing Number worksheets – there are 4 worksheets with varying levels of difficulty.

Number Lines

Using a number line takes a little practice, but once your child gets the hang of it, they will surely love it and gain confidence in counting on.

Preschool Math Number Line 0-10 Start with one equation. For example, 4 + 2. Have your child start at 4, then move along (with a pencil or their finger) 2 places where they will find themselves at number 6. "So, 4+2=6"


These free Number Line charts can be printed out and used as a guide (move along the line with a finger or a lead pencil which can be erased) so your child can have lots of practice counting on.


Number Line 0-10

Preschool Math Number Line 0-10

This chart is great for number line first-timers. Your child will get familiar with the numbers as they have the opportunity to count to 10.



Number Line 0-20

Preschool Math Number Line 0-20

As your child is starting to have fun with number lines, this chart has three 0-20 number lines.



Number Line 0-40

Preschool Math Number Line 0-40

One number line from 0 to 40 as your child gets confident with higher numbers.



Number Line 0-100

Preschool Math Number Line 0-100

One number line from 0 to 100 for large sums and higher numbers.

Another way to help your child gain confidence with numbers to one hundred, is with our hundreds chart.


Missing Numbers Worksheets

Once your child has had practice counting on with the number lines, they can put this to practice with our Missing Number worksheets.

These free, printable worksheets are easy to use – just identify the missing number and write the number in the space provided!

Worksheet 1 is the simplest – working with numbers to 20. The second and third worksheet are slightly harder – with higher numbers and occasionally, 2 missing numbers per line. The final worksheet 4, has the most missing numbers to complete!

Preschool Math Missing Nunbers Preschool Math Missing Nunbers Preschool Math Missing Nunbers
Preschool Math Missing Nunbers

Final note

We hope that your child enjoys and learns from our number line worksheets. Counting on is an important skill which will be second nature to them before too long!

We stress this a lot, but we strongly believe that all learning should be fun – even math! So if your child starts to get distracted, bored or upset after the first worksheet or activity, just save the rest for another time.

You will get the best results when your child is eager to learn!


More Preschool Math Resources

Flashcards: Our number flashcards will help with number recognition and simple counting.

Math songs – Sing along to some great songs for teaching math

Every day counting – Check out our helpful range of preschool math activities and preschool number activities you can also do with your child.

Hundreds chart – Introducing a hundreds chart is a good idea to teach more advanced numbers.

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