Mixing Colors

Once your child is familiar with their colors, you can show them how to create colors by simply combining the three primary colors – red, blue and yellow.

Here are a few simple tips, charts and worksheets you can use with your child to introduce the concept of mixing colors.

Color Mixing Charts

The primary colors red, blue and yellow cannot be made from other colors. All other colors of the rainbow are created by by mixing together the primary colors.

Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors. They are green, orange and purple.

Color Mixing Worksheets

Time to get creative! Using paint, crayon, pencils or even colored paper and glue, here are two worksheets that will enable your child to discover for themselves how fun mixing colors really is!

You can choose to have the Color Mixing Chart visible, or let your child work it out for themselves.

color mixing worksheet 1This is a straightforward worksheet that presents the combination of two primary colors. Ask your child to color the blank circles.

color mixing worksheet 2

Here is your child’s chance to get creative! This worksheet also involves coloring the blank circles, but this time your child may need to practice a few color combinations to work it out.

The last one has been left blank to let your child experiment for themselves!

Other Color Resources

Learning Colors – Our color chart consists of 12 common colors – with a colored picture and the word for each color.

Color Flashcards – Use these great color flashcards when teaching your child colors and the sight words for each color.

Color Song – This fun color song is ideal to help toddlers and young children learn to recognize colors.

Online Articles – To find out more about children learning colors, try this articles in the Scientific American titled Why Johnny Can’t Name His Colors.

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