Preschool Color Chart

preschool color chartTry using this Preschool Color Chart when teaching colors to your child.

Colors are very important descriptive words that everyone learns as they develop their communication skills.

Once your child has mastered the ability to recognize colors you can use the chart to help your child learn the color sight words.

Consisting of 12 common colors - the chart features a colored picture and the word for each color.

Teaching Colors

Colors can be difficult for children to learn. There is a huge range of colors and it can be hard for even adults to tell the difference between some shades of pink and red.

Children tend to learn language in a particular way. They generally start with nouns and then begin to learn the associated adjective.

For example, your child is likely learn the word apple and then go on to say that the apple is red or juicy.

When teaching colors to children as a parent you should explain the chart by saying - The apple is red rather than This is a red apple. This way you are pointing out the object first and then describing a property of the object - which is much easier for your child.

Refer to the article from the Scientific American website listed below for more information on learning colors for children.

Teaching Color Activities

There is a great range of activities that parents can use to teach colors to children. Here are some basics games you can conduct with the preschool color chart:

  • Conduct a scavenger hunt with your child. Search your house for items of a particular color and bring them back to the chart. Make sure you discuss the objects and color with your child and then go searching for objects of another color.
  • You can use the fruits and vegetables in your fridge to play a game where your child names the fruit or vegetable and then describes its color.
  • Using color flashcards or cut out letters, provide your child with letters that they can match to the corresponding letter on the chart.
  • Prepare a pile of pictures (predominantly one colour) taken from variety of sources like newspapers, magazines, advertising material or even draw up some pictures. Then sit with your child to match the pictures against the color on your chart.
  • Play I Spy with your child and make it a rule that the color of the object is described as part of the game.
  • Painting can be a fun activity for your child plus it is a great way to help to teach your child about colors.

Free Printable Color Chart

Other Color Resources

Color Flashcards - Use these great color flashcards when teaching your child colors and the sight words for each color.

Online Articles - To find out more about children learning colors, try this articles in the Scientific American titled Why Johnny Can't Name His Colors.

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