Christmas Worksheets

Our Christmas worksheets are designed to give children some quick educational fun during the holiday season.

The nine worksheets cater to a range of ages across mathematics, reading, writing and geography. And all of them come with completed answer sheets to save you some time.

Each one of these free printable Christmas worksheets should only take a child a few minutes to complete. Yet despite their brevity they contain valuable educational material and some have the odd curveball thrown in that will make your child really think (especially those worksheets aimed at slightly older children).

The worksheets

1. Geography (ages 7 – 12): How well does your child know the map of the world? Can they name 12 of the world’s most important and prominent nations? This is an ideal exercise for you and your child to discuss – and maybe even Google the results together if necessary.

2. Math – problem solving (ages 7 – 12): This one tests your child’s ability to perform quite simple math operations. However, rather than just using numbers, the questions are in the form of real life problems that involve numbers.

3. English (ages 7 – 12): Your child is presented with the lyrics of a Christmas carol and then asked several questions relating to rhyme and grammar and their ability to infer meaning.

4. English (ages 7 – 12): A simple passage of writing has had several key words blanked out. Your child is asked to work out what the blank words should be.

5. Math – measurement and time (ages 7 – 12): The ability to read a chart and answer questions relating to it is important. This worksheet provides a sample timetable for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and tests how well your child understands it.

6. English (ages 5 – 8): This worksheet asks the child to trace and read words and then link them to the correct picture.

7. Math (ages 2 – 5): This one asks your child to count the number of objects and write down how many there are.

8. English (ages 4 – 8): The letters of each word have been jumbled up. Your child is asked to work out the word (a picture is given for a clue).

9. Math (ages 4 – 7): This worksheet features some simple addition and subtraction, with images provided as a clue.

Final word

Christmas is a time for family, fun and presents. These Christmas worksheets are intended to allow you to give your child some quick Christmas-themed learning, which we hope they will find colorful, challenging and enjoyable!

Merry Christmas!

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