Building Number Awareness

Teach your child to recognize and identify numbers.

As pre-schoolers begin to learn and recognize their numbers, the next step is to begin counting. The importance of learning one-to-one correspondence – the notion that each number represents a real object – is building block to success in math.

One-to-one correspondence is not an easy skill to develop. Children go through a stage where they do not grasp that each number needs to be assigned to an actual object when counting – and while they may point to objects as they count, their counting will be out of synch with their finger.

Number awareness worksheets are an ideal way to practice counting and number recognition.  Using these worksheets, your child will practice counting on and begin to recognize the value of numbers to ten.

This worksheet requires children to identify a number and count out images to represent the number.

This worksheet gives children practice counting and matching the relevant numbers.


This worksheet gives children practice counting and identifying (from a selection of numbers) the correct number.


Once your child is familiar with numbers 1 to 10, you might want to introduce preschool number activities, number charts and skip counting.

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