Top Youtube Alphabet Video Compilation

We’ve compiled an extensive list of alphabet videos available on youtube. Also you may want to see our favorite alphabet video selection or our phonics alphabet video selection.

The Alphabet Chant – SuperSimpleSongs

A good variation on the alphabet song, and another great video from Super Simple Songs. Set to the beat of a drum this alphabet song gets faster and faster with each repeat. The screen is split into four sections – one with the singer, one showcasing the letters, and the other quadrants are devoted to the alphabet in sign language.

Ray Charles Sings the Alphabet – Sesame Street

An old clip featuring Ray Charles singing the alphabet with a group of Sesame Street kids. The letters are not displayed in this alphabet video, but it has a funky, upbeat tune that will have you and your kids clapping along!

Patti LaBelle Sings The Alphabet – Sesame Street

Patti LaBelle, R&B legend, belts out a beautiful gospel version of the alphabet song (great for the adults) with all the Sesame Street gang dancing and singing along (great for the kids!). Ends with a super fast version of the alphabet with a memorable Patti LaBelle finale.

The Alphabet Song – SocraticaStudios

This video takes kids through the upper case and lower case letters with the traditional tune of the alphabet song. Set only to the voice of the singer it is a gentle and simple alphabet song that is ideal for the very young.

The Hidden Alphabet – Macmillan’sChildren

A very clever and creative display of the alphabet letters to simple music. Each letter starts with a word and an obscure shape, and then you soon see how the letter develops. Also intriguing for adults!

ABC Hip Hop with Miles – Sesame Street

A highly energetic and addictive version of the ABCs. Miles and all the Sesame Street characters perform an entertaining version of the ABCs with great letter repetition to help your child sing along.

ABC song with Tilly and the Wall – Sesame Street

Another upbeat version of the ABCs. It is fun to watch and listen to.

The ABC Song – KidsTV123

The traditional melody of the alphabet song, with a gentle and mellow approach. Great alphabet video for the very young.

The ABC Song – KidsTV123

Another version of the ABC song by KidsTV123. This alphabet video focuses on the letters of the alphabet. The second verse of the song is silent allowing for a child to sing to the video.

Fairy Alphabet – Sesame Street

A classic video set to a melodic medieval tune and featuring classic fairy tale creatures and figures. This video is quite famous and quite often referred to on video websites. Unfortunately all the versions of this alphabet video are copies and the original isn’t available through Sesame Street itself. The clip features a range of fairy tale creatures that transform into letters and is sure to intrigue.

Alphabet Song – havefunteaching

Set to a disco beat this alphabet song covers the normal and phonics alphabets. Great video for older kids who can keep up with the rap singing.

African Alphabet – Sesame Street

A beautifully mellow version of the alphabet featuring Kermit the Frog with harmonious singing and backing. It’s nice to hear the alphabet in a different melody – so if you are sick of hearing the conventional tune of ABCs, this is a refreshing alternative!

Grover and Alphabet Soup – Sesame Street

Dramatic video (not musical) featuring Grover who tries to serve some ‘hot’ alphabet soup to a critical customer only to find that some of the letters for his alphabet soup are missing. After an increasingly frustrated Grover replaces the omitted letters, the soup has gone cold! A great one for Grover fans.

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