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Our free, printable verb worksheets are designed to help you introduce your child to “doing words”, or “action words” as they are also known. (If you are looking for some exercises aimed at a more basic level, you may find our preschool worksheets more suitable).

Each worksheet features six verbs printed in dotted font down the left side of the page and six colorful images down the right side. Guide your child to trace and read the words and to draw a line connecting each word to its matching picture.



The advantages of using our verb worksheets are as follows:

1. Handwriting practice: By tracing each word your child will be having a mini handwriting lesson. Obviously though, if you wish to simply focus in on their reading you can skip this step.

2. Letter combinations: While the verbs we have chosen are common and simple words, they will expose your child to many important features of written English. Some examples include, the silent “gh” in “laugh”, the “sh” sound in “shop”, the “ee” sound in “sleep” and the way that the final “e” changes the pronunciation of the earlier vowel in “skate” and “ride”.

3. Practice in “matching”: Exercises in matching pairs will be common throughout your child’s school days, so the more familiar they are with the concept, the better.

4. Process of elimination: When your child reaches the final word on the page, only one picture won’t have been used, making the answer obvious (providing they have not made a mistake). This will provide them with an intuitive introduction to the concept of reasoning by elimination.

5. Neat drawing: If necessary, guide your child in drawing neat, straight lines linking words and pictures – using a ruler if you wish.

6. The concept of verbs: Grammar has made a comeback in most countries. Maybe when you went to school the importance of learning parts of speech had been diminished, but the odds are that your child will be expected to become quite grammatically proficient. You may wish to discuss with your child how each of the words is a “doing” (or “action”) word and to see if, together, you can think of some more examples.

Final word

No matter how short or long a time you spend with your child on our verb worksheets, the important thing is that you are giving them more valuable exposure to reading and writing.

Enjoy the experience and make it free of pressure for your child. By ensuring that they associate reading and writing with fun you will make them keen to come back for more!

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