There are very few educational toys out there like the Tupperware Shape Sorter. Your child can play with this toy from newborn through to pre-schooler and not only will it entertain your child throughout, but also teach them many things along the way.

This shape sorter is a very simple toy that just works really well.

How it works?

The ball consists of two halves that can pull apart – one half is red and the other blue. There are ten yellow shapes that fit through the holes in the ball. Each shape only fits through its corresponding hole – no cheating possible!

Newborn Play

The ball can be used pushed along or rattled by a newborn. The shapes inside create noise as your newborn moves the ball, reinforcing play. The shapes and handles make the ball easy to grip helping your newborn hold and move the ball around to explore the different shapes.

Once the shapes are inside the ball, they cannot fall out. It is fascinating for a young child to see the yellow shapes inside move around and make noise!

Toddler / Preschooler Play

The Tupperware shape sorter has lots of great uses for toddlers and preschoolers. Quite simply, the yellow pieces can be used to teach your child different shapes. As well as the regular shapes of triangle, square circle, this game will also familiarise your child with unique shapes such as the trapezium, oval, pentagon and hexagon.

Taking the next step, your child can develop problem solving skills by matching the yellow shapes to the different shaped holes in the ball. If your child struggles finding the correct shape (there are ten after all) you can help them by hinting if it belongs on the red or blue side of the ball.

The game can be reversed where you point at a hole on the ball and have your preschooler find the corresponding yellow shape. To start off with, make the game easier by reducing the number of shapes your child needs to sort through.

Your toddler will also develop fine motor skills as they pick up the shapes and fit them through the holes in the ball, as each shape needs to be positioned correctly to fit through the corresponding hole!

The yellow pieces can also be used for other games. Place three shapes in a row in front of your child and name each one in order as you touch them. Repeat the names of the shapes once or twice so your child has a chance to memorise or familiarise themselves with the shapes and order. Ask your child to close their eyes and take one piece away. When they open their eyes, ask them which one is missing.


The Tupperware Shape Sorter
is a great toy to get for your newborn or toddler. It’s an extremely well designed toy and provides a great range of educational activities from recognising shapes to problem solving and fine motor skill development.

The is a great addition to any child’s toy shelf.

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