Times Tables

Now that your child has mastered addition and subtraction (a knowledge of skip counting will definitely come in handy too!) it’s time for multiplication.

Why learn times tables?

Having a good understanding of multiplication is like building strong groundwork for many other areas in math such as division, long multiplication, algebra and fractions. Without having grasped multiplication, these topics may be more difficult to understand.

Even in everyday life, multiplication is used more than we realise. Going to the grocery store – comparing costs, calculating discounts, determining the cost of multiple items, or doubling the recipe when cooking and even splitting the bill!

Regardless of the way that your child is taught multiplication, they will still need an understanding of the 1 to 12 times tables and plenty of practice! We hope that you find our multiplication resources useful and easy to use.

multiplication flash cards
Using Flash Cards are a good way to introduce something that is new. These are simple, visual flashcards that aren’t overwhelming for children who are new to multiplication.

Our free, printable Times Tables Charts are handy to have around the house – on the back of a door, next to a desk or even in the bathroom! This will be familiar to children who have these in their classroom.

Videos are a fun way for children to learn, and our times table videos are an ideal way to make math fun!

multiplication chart 1-100

Multiplication Fact Sheets will help your child memorize their multiplication facts (or times tables!).

Multiplication Worksheets are designed to give your child the practice they need to learn their times tables.

For something a little more advanced, check out Speed Mathematics!

multiplication Fact Worksheets

multiplication Worksheets beginner

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