A unique, lighthearted story about a little girl and her imaginary hippo who does what he likes on the roof. He gets to have a shower instead of a bath, doesn’t get in trouble, watches TV instead of going to bed and most importantly, eats lots of cake!

Of course, this is all a reasonable explanation for the leak in the roof. theres_a_hippopotamus_on_our_roof_eating_cake

Why kids will love it

  • It’s a fun story for beginner readers – with clean font and short sentences.
  • A story written for kids, in the words of a young child – including a little bit of nonsense which everybody loves!
  • Big, brightly colored pictures following the antics of a cute hippo.
  • This book has simple storyline, simple words and easy to understand, repetitive lines which kids love to remember.

There are many things to discuss with your child, including:

  • Why does the little girl think there is a hippo on the roof – is it possible?
  • Why does the little girl have to go to bed but the hippo gets to stay up and watch TV?
  • Why does the hippo mysteriously disappear when the men fixed the roof?

This is your child’s chance to let their imagination run wild too!

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