One rainy day Sally and her brother don’t have anything to do … until The Cat in the Hat comes to their door!

Be swept away by the hilarious cat who always has fun – no matter what the weather. He shows the children many ‘games’ and ‘tricks’ to play indoors.

“I know some good games we could play,”

Said the cat.

“I know some new tricks,”

Said the Cat in the Hat.

Since their mother is out of the house for the day, the children are tempted by the persistent cat, but their fish isn’t fooled.

But our fish said, “No, No!

Make that cat go away!

Tell that Cat in the Hat

You do NOT want to play.

He should not be here.

He should not be about.

He should not be here

When your mother is out!”

After an afternoon of the cat’s games and mayhem, the children finally put their foot down and sent the sad cat away, leaving the house in a mess.

“…And this mess is so big

And so deep and so tall,

We can not pick it up.

There is no way at all!”

But the Cat in the Hat returns to pick everything up and leave the house clean just in time – before the children’s mother returns!

Why kids will love it

  • Like the children in the story, who know that what the cat is doing is wrong and wouldn’t be approved by their mother, kids will relate to and appreciate the mischievious Cat in the Hat!
  • The simple pictures that are typically Dr Seuss will captivate children as they capture the essence of the funny storyline and crazy characters.
  • The rhyming and rhythmic language are enjoyable to listen to and very entertaining.

Why parents will love it

  • Dr Seuss’ trademark style of writing with rhyme, rhythm and repetition make reading fun and exciting for children. The subject matter is also interesting to children so reading is never a bore.
  • Part of Dr Seuss’ ‘Green back books’, The Cat in the Hat is ideal for children who are just beginning to read on their own. The simple language and fun rhymes make it easy to read, which builds confidence.
  • The story raises questions for children to think about such as: Should you let someone in the house when your mother is out? Do you let them wreak havoc in the house? Do you tell your mother about it when she gets home?
  • Although the cat did make a mess, any parent will appreciate teaching their children to clean up after themselves! “I always pick up all my playthings…”

Dr Seuss

Born Theodor Seuss Geisel, he was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist who was most commonly known for the children’s books he wrote and illustrated as Dr. Seuss.

Geisel published nearly 50 children’s books, with a distinct style of rhyming, rhythmic language. Just some of his most popular books include Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Horton Hears a Who!, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. Many of his works have been developed into television series, musicals and films.

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