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Our Thanksgiving worksheets are quick and colorful and we hope they will be an ideal way for you to add a touch of education to the Thanksgiving holiday.

The worksheets are aimed at young children aged from about three to six and focus on math, reading and writing.

Even if you do not live in North America you may find these worksheets useful, as in addition to their inherent educational value, they can be a springboard for you and your child to discuss Thanksgiving and to broaden their cultural awareness.

The worksheets

Each of the four Thanksgiving worksheets focuses on a different skillset:

Worksheet 1: Children gain handwriting practice from tracing six short words, and reading and drawing practice from connecting the words to their correct images. If you find this worksheet useful you may also like our free Halloween worksheets.

Worksheet 2: This worksheet gives young children some very simple counting practice. Further counting worksheets can be found here.

Worksheet 3: This Thanksgiving worksheet contains six scrambled words and asks your child to write them out correctly. An image is included with each word to make it easier – but if your child is up for a challenge, encourage them to cover up the image and see if they can still get the answer.

Worksheet 4: This page contains five different patterns of Thanksgiving related images and challenges your child to pick the next image in the pattern from a choice of two.

Other Thanksgiving ideas

In addition to the worksheets, here are some suggestions on how to add a bit of educational flavor to Thanksgiving:

History: Take advantage of the curiosity young children will have about the reasons behind the festivities. Even if you yourself know little about the origin of the holiday, just by discussing how different people’s lives were in the 1600s you can open your children’s eyes to the fascination and wonder of history.

Reading: Why not read your child a Thanksgiving story? There are many excellent, entertaining books associated with the holiday, but one we especially like is An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott – the author best known for Little Women. In addition to being a short, entertaining feel-good story, this book will also provide a history lesson as it is set in the 1800s.

Mathematics: Numerous opportunities exist to enrich your children’s numerical understanding at Thanksgiving. To take one example of many, involve your child in discussing how many potatoes will be needed for the feast based on the number of guests expected and their appetities, work out how much money this will involve and then allow your child to handle the cash transaction when you buy them.

Craft: Some children naturally love art and craft, but Thanksgving can be a good time to get more reluctant children involved. By (safely) seeking their assistance with creating and arranging decorations you will be helping develop their motor skills and potentially sparking their imagination.

Final word

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates this holiday, whether it be on the fourth Thursday in November (USA), the second Monday in October (Canada) or on whatever day it occurs where you live!

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