Ten Times Table Song

Multiplication times tables are a vital part of a child’s mathematical education.

Children often respond well to songs and this simple math song is designed to help them memorize the 10 times table.

In many countries, the ten times table – along with the twos and the fives – is one of the first multiplication tables taught.

This makes sense, because it is very simple – and once children realize they merely need to add a zero to the end of the number to work out the answer, they should find multiplying by ten easy.

But the simplicity of the tens times table should not mask its importance. Our number system is based on the number ten and the ability to easily mentally multiply or divide by ten is one of the hallmarks of numerical proficiency.

This version of our 10 times song is markedly slower than our other version – and is intended for children who are just starting to learn how to multiply by 10.

Times Table and Multiplication Resources

Times Table Charts – try using our 1-5 Times Table Chart when you first start teaching your child the times tables. When your child is ready to learn more multiplication you can try using our 1-10 Times Table Chart.

1-5 Times Tables Videos – this compilation of 1-5 times table videos have been taken from a range of sources from YouTube.

Multiplication Chart 1-100 – the multiplication chart 1-100 is another helpful tool to use when teaching multiplication to children.

View more videos like the Ten Times Table Song on the guruparents YouTube channel.

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