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Our subtraction flash cards are a helpful tool for teaching your child their subtraction math facts.

Also, since subtraction is closely related to addition, practicing with these cards will help cement and improve your child’s ability to add.

Indeed, you may like to also print off our addition flash cards and give your child practice with both sets at once. As they get faster and faster, your child will also be gaining a greater conceptual understanding of how subtraction is the inverse of addition – for example, that “7 – 2 = 5”, “2 + 5 = 7” and “5 + 2 = 7” are all linked.


Our Free Flash Cards

We have produced two sets of free printable subtraction flash cards – one in color and one in black and white – with each set containing all differences up to 10 – 10 = 0.

To get started, simply print out the cards and cut them out, remembering not to cut the vertical line linking each question and answer. Then fold each card along the vertical line and glue the two parts together, leaving you with the question on one side and the answer on the other.

Or, if you would prefer to simply buy some, this set is very favorably reviewed and only costs a few dollars. It also features some subtraction questions involving numbers above ten – which are ideal to help your child get ready for two-digit subtraction.

Suggestions For Use

1. Explain the concept of subtraction: Especially if your child is younger, it is worthwhile to take a card and link it to a real world example. For instance, taking the “6 – 2” card, you might say, “If I have 6 oranges and I eat 2 of them, how many will I have left?” If necessary, you may wish to demonstrate with real oranges – once you and your child have eaten 1 each, only 4 remain!

2. Play games: Some children will love competing with their parents or other family members. Simply take some or all of the cards and see who can correctly answer them in the shortest time. If you are faster than your child, give yourself a handicap to make things closer.

3. Building on knowledge: Under your guidance, your child will soon realize that if they know that 9 – 4 = 5 they also know that 90 – 40 = 50. Take some turns asking each other more challenging questions and enjoy watching your child’s horizons broaden.

4. Individual learning: Even just a few minutes spent each day alone with the subtraction flash cards can work wonders. Encourage your child to cycle through the pack, answering each question and then turning over the card to check if they got it right. Children will be especially motivated to do this if they are keen to beat a personal best time or win a game.

5. Use them in reverse: Challenge the way your child is thinking by showing them the answer side of a card and seeing if they can guess what the question was. For example, if the card says “8”, the only possible questions are “9 – 1” and “10 – 2”. Why not play a game, taking it in turns to reveal a card and seeing who is the best at guessing?

Final Word

Most people are not as good at subtraction as they are at addition.

For example, which of these two questions are you able to answer faster?

1. 57 + 14
2. 53 – 14

For most people, question 1 is easier.

So we think that a bit of extra focus on subtraction is a good idea. We hope you and your child find our subtraction flash cards fun and useful!

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