Coloring Shapes Worksheets


Learning shapes is part of the fundamental process in learning to identify objects and letters, and also the first step in learning how to draw. Knowledge of the basic shapes will help your child identify many simple images – such as a house, a ball, a book, and even letters.

In addition to the shapes charts, worksheets
and flashcards
that will help your child identify and trace shapes, and match shapes to their name and objects, we have expanded the range to include the worksheets below.

These shapes worksheets will give your child opportunities to trace the basic shapes – square, triangle, circle and rectangle, and also to identify shapes among other shapes.

Shapes worksheet square

Shapes worksheet triangle

Shapes worksheet circle

Shapes worksheet rectangle

How to use the Coloring Shapes Worksheets

The coloring shapes worksheets for preschoolers have two activities for your child to complete.

Firstly, have your child trace the shapes in the shaded area and then use the space to practice drawing the shapes on their own.

Then ask your child to find and color in the appropriate shape in the bottom half of the worksheet.

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