Shapes – Games and Activities

Learning shapes increases your child’s ability to communicate, as they can verbally describe objects in day to day life, such as ‘big, square house’ or the ‘yellow sun that is round like a circle’.

You can teach your child shapes simply by pointing them out in your day to day life and having a little fun! Our shapes chart is a great introduction, and the activities and games below are fun ways to reinforce shapes to your child.

Shapes – Games and Activities

1. Shapes around the house

Identify with your child all the shapes around the house – for example, the roof on a dollhouse is a triangle, the door is a rectangle, the window is a square. What shape is the rug? The plate? The table?

2. Shape sorting

Cut out a range of shapes in various sizes (hand drawn or printed from the computer) and have your child sort them into groups. Ensure that all shapes are the same colour, so sorting is purely by shape!

3. Shapes craft

Cut out a range of shapes of different sizes from colored paper and create a picture! Use rectangles for a table, a circle for the sun, a square and triangle for a house. You might also bring to life the phrase "people of all shapes and sizes"!

4. Sensing shapes

Ask your child to close their eyes while you trace the outline of a shape on their back. Be bold with the corners and sides, so your child can visualize points and lines. Then swap and have your child trace on your back!
An easier version of this game is to trace the shape on your child’s palm.

5. Stamping shapes

You’ll need some paint and paper for this one! Gather some shape stamps – you can buy stamps readily available at toy stores or craft shops, or you can make your own by cutting a potato in half and carving out simple shapes.

You can structure this game by having your child group the shape stamps by colour or shape, or you can leave your child to their own devices and see what they come up with!


More Shapes Resources

Shape Worksheets – a range of shapes worksheets has been compiled to teach children to recognize and draw shapes from basic through to advanced.

Shape Chart and Flashcards – we’ve compiled a basic and advanced shapes chart and set of flashcards that parents and teachers can use to teach children.

Shapes Videos – we’ve compiled a range of shape videos from youtube that are great to use when introducing shapes to preschoolers.

Educational toys – the tupperware shape sorter is a great educational toy that you can use to teach shapes.

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