Recommended Educational Toys

Learning should be fun and your child will not only love playing with these educational toys, it will help them learn important lessons.


Guess Who?

Another classic that you may already have in the attic, Guess Who? has more educational benefits than you might think. Most importantly, it is fun for everyone!guess-who-educational-game

Connect Four

A classic game that has stood the test of time! If you remember this one fondly, you might feel your age but you won’t need assurance that you will enjoy playing this game with the kids. Read more>>


Halloween Worksheets

UNO is an all-time favorite card game, suitable for the whole family. A great game to play with the kids – it has many educational benefits, and can be played almost anywhere! Read more>>

Mr. Potato Head

Mr Potato Head Educational Toys

Even though Mr. Potato Head now has many friends, faces and disguises, he still proves to be one of the classic toys that has stood the test of time. And after you read all the educational benefits, you will see why! Read more>>

Art for children

Fostering creativity at an early age is vital, as this is what your child will use to tell and write stories, solve problems, play music and much more. Find out the things you might want to consider if you are in the market for some art supplies. Read more>>

Puzzles for children

Puzzles have educational benefits on many levels, so introducing puzzles to your toddler is a great way to entertain and build on developmental skills. Read more>>

Memory Card Game

If your child likes snap, then the Memory Card game is for them! As well as recognizing and matching pictures like snap, this game will also build your child’s memory and concentration. Read more>>

Alphabet Learning Games

Apple Card

Our free printable letter cards are ideal for a wide range of alphabet learning games. They are a great way to give your young child a head start in letter recognition. Read more>>

Magnetic Letters

The educational benefits of magnetic letters are sometimes overlooked. Here’s a short update on how they can help your child in early stages of learning and beyond. Read more>>


Monopoly is a great game to play purely for fun. But are you aware just how many wonderful educational components it contains? Read more>>


The game of dominoes has stood the test of time and is a lot of fun. Why not teach your child how to play? To make it easier, we have put together some simple templates so you can create your own set of dominoes for free. Read more>>

How to use an Abacus

Everyone loves an abacus! It is such an elegant, clever tool. But do you know how to help your child get the most out of it? If not, here are 13 practical suggestions to help you show your child how to use an abacus. Read more>>


Snap is a simple, yet classic card game that your child will enjoy. The game teaches your child to match pairs and, depending on the deck, can help your child recognize numbers or other objects featured on the cards. Read more>>

Go Fish!

Go Fish is the perfect introduction for your child to the world of card games. The game teaches your child to match pairs, describe objects by color and count pairs. It also introduces strategy to your child. Read more>>

The calendar as an educational tool

Here’s a simple new year’s resolution for you: Get a calendar and look at it regularly with your child. There are loads of good reasons for doing this – check out our calendar page for some simple and fun ideas. Read more>>

Snakes and Ladders

The game of snakes and ladders is a fun and educational way to spend time with your children. It is the the perfect addition to any household with young children. Not only is the game fun but also highly educational. Read more>>

An educational gift for Christmas

There are very few educational toys out there like the abacus. Keen for a children’s Christmas gift idea that is fun, educational and a bit out of the ordinary? How about a product that some claim is the reason why kids in Asia are so much better at math than those in the west? Read more>>

Tupperware Shape Sorter

There are very few educational toys out there like the Tupperware Shape Sorter. Your child can play with this toy from newborn through to pre-schooler and not only will it entertain your child throughout, but also teach them many things along the way. Read more>>

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