Preschool education can be really fun and easy. We’ve put together a range of helpful material to make it easy for parents to teach their children the basics in reading and maths.

Preschool Reading

Visit our preschool reading page to learn about how you can begin to teach your child the fundamentals of literacy. The preschool literacy page begins with advice on reading books aloud to your child. Guru Parents then covers the alphabet, sight words, phonics and writing.

You can visit alphabet song page as well as our reading list for recommended preschooler songs and books.

Preschool Math

The preschool math page provides a range of activities to develop your child’s understanding of numbers and basic math. Key areas include math songs, counting objects, one-to-one correspondence, counting-on and advanced numbers. Additionally the preschool maths page explains how to use flash cards and other resources to develop a child’s numerical skills.

Visit the math songs page for numerical songs that help teach numbers to children. Also you can try a preschool math activity from our list of recommendations.


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