Preschool Math Song Videos

There are some great preschool math song videos available on Youtube. We’ve selected a range of high quality math songs that you can enjoy with your child.

One Potato

Watch the Count sing his way across Sesame Street counting potatoes, umbrellas

5 Little Monkeys

This immensely popular video will entertain your child as well as introduce them to numbers one through to five.


Feist sings an adapted kids version of her hugely popular song 1234. Learn to count monsters, chickens and penguins up to four with this wonderful song.

We Can Count to 100!

Really simple video that you can use to help teach your child to count to 100. The numerals appear as each number is sung in the song.

Rocket Ship – Lift Off

Playing rocket ship with your child takes on a new perspective once you’ve watched this Sesame Street video of a NASA space shuttle launch.

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