Preschool Math Activity

Find a preschool math activity to teach your child numbers. We have compiled a list of activities that are fun and educational. Enjoy!

Number Activities

1. Counting and body parts

Stand in front of a mirror and count with your child the number of ears, nose, fingers, feet, arms. Great way to teach counting and parts of the body.

2. Create your own Counting Picture Book

Buy a drawing book (or staple some blank pieces of paper together). Working together, create a cover page with the title ‘Counting Book’ and write your child’s name on the cover.

Number each page with a big colourful number. Have your child add pictures to the book, one picture for page one, two for page two, etc.

3. Create your own Number Cards

Cut from paper or cardboard a set of cards (roughly a third of an A4 size). With your child write out the numbers you are teaching on one side of the cards.

On the reverse side you can represent the numbers by drawing dots, punch holes, stick buttons (or cotton wool, penne pasta) or drawing pictures.

4. Play Dice

This preschool math activity just needs some dice from an old boardgame you’ve got around the house. Show your child how each side of the dice has a different number of dots from one to six.

Count the dots after each roll of the dice or, each roll a dice to see who rolls the higher number.

5. Number Cups

Write out the numbers one to five numbers on the outside of some disposable cups. Using raisins or noodles, have your child drop into the cup the correct number of objects.

6. Play Rocket Ship

Another great preschool math activity is story time is rocket ship. Create a rocket ship with your child by rolling up some cardboard into a tube. Create a cone to put on the top of your rocket ship. Decorate your ship and then practice your launch countdowns.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!

7. Story time with numbers

When you make up stories for your children, include numbers within the tale. For example ‘Once upon a time there was a dragon that lived in a cave full of treasure. The dragon had one crown that he wore on his head. He had two necklaces, and so on’.

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