Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)
is a great book to include in your library, especially if you have newborn or small toddler.

One reason why I like this book is because it is addressed to your child, who are invited to touch and feel and prod and poke. What small child wouldn’t like that?

The book starts with:

Here are Paul and Judy.

They can do lots of things.

You can do lots of things, too.

The story grabs your child’s attention from the very beginning and holds onto it all the way through by having your child do lots of things that Paul and Judy do.

The story starts with Judy can pat the bunny. Now YOU pat the bunny. The page features a picture of Judy patting a bunny that is then followed by a picture of bunny outline filled in with a furry material for your child to pat.

The book continues with each double page spread containing an action for your child to repeat. From patting the bunny to playing peek-a-boo, smelling flowers to looking in a mirror and much more. This is great fun for newborns and toddlers, especially those that love to get their hands into as much as possible.

One note of warning, the book is specially binded and produced to allow for all the interactive elements. This means that the book is very fragile and needs to be handled by adults and stored carefully away after reading time.

First published in 1940, this children’s book has with stood the test of time and is still a best seller today. Definitely a book to include in every child’s library.

Dorothy Kunhardt

Dorothy Kunhardt wrote Pat the Bunny in 1940 for her daughter Edith. She wrote nearly 50 books in her lifetime including many children’s books.

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