Numbers Chart 1-120

Numbers Chart 1-120

A numbers chart 1-120 is a chart that lists the numbers 1-120 in twelve rows of ten numbers.

This chart is useful when trying to teach a child early math concepts. In particular concepts such as counting on, identifying missing numbers and basic addition for numbers greater than 100 that can be difficult to learn.

Even for young children proficient with numbers smaller than 100, dealing with bigger numbers can get confusing. However, this can be worked through with a little practise and with the use of some simple exercises below.

The numbers chart 1-120 is free and printable in pdf format.

Preschool Numbers Chart 1-120 Activities

  • Stick the chart up on a wall, door or fridge so that it is easily accessible for you and your child.
  • Develop a daily routine where you count the numbers with your child. You want your child to become familiar with the numbers greater than 100. Repetition and fun are the key to success.
  • To develop your child’s ability to recognize numbers greater than 100 you can play ‘find the number’. Ask your child to find random numbers. When dealing with numbers greater than 100 they may confuse numbers such as 102 with 112 (or vice versa) or 112 with 11 and 12.
  • Try to further develop their understanding by playing ‘what’s the missing number?’. Write down a series of numbers and have your child find what the missing number is on the chart. As they get more confident, you can have your child give the answer without referring to the chart and using it just to check their answer.
  • Another game you could play is ‘what comes next?’. Call out a number or a series of numbers and have your child find the number that comes next on the numbers chart. Again as they become more confident you can have them provide an answer and check against the chart.
  • Once your child is really confident you can try playing ‘one more or one less’. In this game you ask your child questions like ‘John has 112 apples. He is given another apple, how many does he have now?’. This game will help build your childs understanding of basic addition and subtraction.
  • This chart is also useful when skip counting by ten. Visualizing the patterns in numbers on the chart will enable your child to easily predict the next number in a sequence when skip counting.

Remember to make it as fun as possible. Don’t let your child struggle through any activity as that is a sure way to turn them off counting.

Other Useful Tools to use with the Numbers Chart 1-120

Teaching your child to count is an important skill to pass on to your child.

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