Number Line Worksheets

Our printable Number Line Worksheets are designed to give your child practice counting on number lines. If number lines are new to your child, first check out our Number Line Charts.

The Worksheets

Number Line 1-10 Worksheets

Number Line Worksheet Number Line Worksheet Number Line Worksheet Number Line Worksheet Number Line Worksheet

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How to use the worksheets

Number Line 0-10

These free, printable worksheets feature our simple 1-10 number line and 8 addition exercises.

Start with the first equation: 1+1. Tell your child that you are going to start at the first number (1) and then ‘hop’ or ‘jump’ along one space (+1), and that is where you will find the answer on the number line.

You can use a pencil, a token or a finger to move along the spaces on the number line – whatever your child is most comfortable to do without losing track.

Ask your child to write the answer to the equation in the space provided. If your child is ready, they can try to complete it on their own and you can go through it with them afterwards and check their work.

For a little bit of fun, we have identified these simple number line worksheets by animals in the top right corner – once they have completed the frog worksheet, they can move on to the monkey, then the
kangaroo, whale and dinosaur.

Worksheet 1

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 1

With sums to 5, the jumping frog worksheet is great to start off your child’s number line practice.



Worksheet 2

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 2

Next, on to our monkey worksheet – working around the middle of the number line with sums of 4 to 7.

Worksheet 3

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 3

Our Kangaroo is hopping to sums of 5-9. Starting from and adding on bigger numbers can get tricky, so make sure your child is comfortable with how they are ‘hopping’ along the number line so they don’t lose track!


Worksheet 4

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 4

Our wonderful whales worksheet has sums of 8-10. By now, your child might have the hang of it and could possibly attempt the equations by themselves.


Worksheet 5

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 5

Finally, dinosaurs! Don’t forget to congratulate your child when they have completed a sum correctly. The power of your praise will go along way for their confidence in math.



More Advanced Number Line Worksheets

Number Line 1-20 Worksheets

Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 6 Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 7 Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 8 Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 9 Preschool Math Number Line Worksheet 10

If your child is comfortable with the 1-10 Number Line, you can introduce them to the 1-20 Number Line. With the same format as the 1-10 number line worksheets, these worksheets are more advanced and will provide plenty of practice for children who are ready for higher number sums.

Final note

We hope that your child enjoys and learns from our number line worksheets. The key is to have your child understand the concept of simple addition which will build a strong foundation for their studies in math for the future!

Tip: Keep an eye on signs of tiredness or frustration from your child – suggest that you have a break and save the rest for another time. You will get the best results when your child is eager to learn!


More Preschool Math Resources

Number Line Charts – The number line charts we have developed are great to have printed and available for viewing and use when your child is working on simple sums.

Flashcards – Our number flashcards will help with number recognition and simple counting.

Math songs – Sing along to some great songs for teaching math

Every day counting – Check out our helpful range of preschool math activities and preschool number activities you can also do with your child.

Hundreds chart – Introducing a hundreds chart is a good idea to teach more advanced numbers.

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