Number Flashcards

Use these great number flashcards to help your preschooler to learn and memorise numbers. We’ve prepared a range of number options to help teach your child the 1 – 10 numerals as well as their meaning.

Start off using flashcards to teach your child to count and to memorise numerals.

Once your child is confident with their numbers and counting, you can teach them one to one correspondence before you move on to teach basic addition and subtraction.

Teaching with Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to teach. If done properly the flashcard teaching method can be extremely effective and fun. The correct way to present flashcards to your child is as their name suggests – in a flash, that is, they need to be presented quickly.

The presenting of flashcards at a quick pace has some important learning effects.

Firstly, quick presentation engages the faster part of your child’s brain – the right brain where information can be absorbed holistically. The slower you present flashcards, the more you engage your child’s rational brain which is a slow learning system.

Secondly, the presentation speed of the flashcards greatly impacts the enjoyment for your child. The faster you present the flashcards the more likely your child will pay attention and enjoy the game. The slower you present the flashcards the more likely the child will become disinterested and find the subject harder to learn.

How to use your Flashcards

Make sure your child is in a good mood before you commence a lesson as it is important that they are attentive. Hungry or tired subjects can make for a difficult lesson ahead.

  1. Sit your child opposite you
  2. Present one flash card at a time to your child
  3. Read out the number as the flashcard appears
  4. Present the flashcards as quickly as possible (the faster you go the more effective the lesson)
  5. When starting a new topic, you should begin with just a few flashcards to make it easier for your child. Perhaps use only flashcard numbers 1-5 when you start. Later you can expand to more numbers.

When you feel that your child is ready, give them the opportunity to recite the number. If they get stuck or take too long, offer a prompt. Otherwise, read it out yourself and move on. Try to convey fun and excitement in your voice when presenting and avoid labouring over any flashcard by quickly correcting any errors.

Repetition and fun is the key to success. Try to frequently recite the flashcards in short bursts.

Number Flashcards 1 – 10

number 10 flashcardThe printable number flashcards we’ve prepared allows parents to quickly teach the digit for each numeral as well as the word form. These flashcards are great for when you first start teaching your child to recognise numbers.

Animal Flashcards 1-10

two cows flashcardUse the animal flashcards to help teach your child one to one correspondence. Count the number of animals on each of these flashcards.

Dotted Flashcards 1-10

number five dotted flashcardThe dotted flashcards also teach one to one correspondence. They also provide a great option for use in teaching addition and subtraction through flashcards.

Free Number Flashcards

You can download these free number 1-10 flashcards. These free flashcards are available in adobe acrobat (pdf) format.

Click here to download a free Adobe Acrobat version of Number Flashcards 1-10

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