Number 5 worksheets

Our number 5 worksheets feature a range of activities including handwriting the number and word, object identification and one-to-one correspondence.

Interesting Facts about Number 5

  • Five is an odd number – it can not be divided by 2.
  • We have 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on each foot
  • A pentagon is a five sided object
  • Five objects together are called a quintet
  • There are 5 senses – touch, sight, smell, hear and taste
  • There are 5 players in a basketball team


Handwriting Number 5 Worksheet

Handwriting Number Five Worksheet

preschool number 5 worksheet

number 5 worksheet

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Number 5 Worksheets

Number Worksheet - Handwriting Number 5

Handwriting Number 5

This worksheet gives your child lots of opportunities to practice handwriting number 5. There are five rows of number fives for your child to trace.




Number Worksheet - Handwriting Number Five

Handwriting Number Five

This worksheet gives your child lots of opportunities to practice writing the word five. Numbers are important sight words for your child to learn and this worksheet will help your child develop their familiarity with the word.




Number 5 Worksheet

Number 5 Activity Worksheet

This worksheet contains one row of number fives that your child can trace. Plus there are four different images that your child can count. Have your child write number 5 into the box below the images.




Number 5 Worksheet

One-to-One Correspondence Worksheet

This worksheet allows your child to practice handwriting the number 5. The second part of the worksheet allows your child to practice one-to-one correspondence by circling the images with just five items.




Number Resources

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