is a timeless book that young children will love.

The story is about the perfect life that Mr and Mrs Bunny have and how they wish to have a baby. After a visit by an angel one night ‘the baby came, with ears so long, and fur so white – and Miffy was her name‘.

It is a wonderful book for young children. Miffy has simple illustrations in bright, primary colors. The high contrast colors make it especially appealing for newborns.

The story touches on ideas that children can identify – Mr Bunny working in the garden outside, Mrs Bunny going grocery shopping, a new baby and the love of Mr and Mrs Bunny for their child.

Tips for Parents

    This story is great for newborns and toddlers because it is short, simple and brightly illustrated. Here are some tips for parents:

  • Talk about the pictures – most of the illustrations have only a single image that you can discuss with your child. The most complex pages only have two or three images. Perfect for discussion with your young child.
  • Colors – point out the colors in the illustrations. Miffy is white, she has an orange dress. Mr and Mrs Bunny are wearing blue overalls. The grass is green and the flowers are white.
  • Talk about the household chores Mr and Mrs Bunny do through the story. What do dad or mum do at home just like Miffy’s parents?
  • If your child enjoys Miffy, there are many books to the series that introduce other characters and friends of Miffy.

Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna is a Dutch writer and illustrator of many children’s books and is most famous for his Miffy series.

Born in Utrecht in 1927, Dick Bruna was raised in a family that managed the biggest publishing business in the Netherlands. Rather than go into the family business of publishing, Dick Bruna instead pursued a career as an author, illustrator and graphic designer.


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