If your child likes snap, then the Memory Card Game is for them! As well as recognizing and matching pictures like snap, this game will also build your child’s memory and concentration.

Any game that is physically attractive to kids (bright colors, fun pictures) is an easy way to keep their minds entertained. As we all know, memory is an important attribute to have in life, and you can help your child practice and develop their memory now!

Objective of the game – To be the player with the most pairs.

Number of players – Generally two or more. However, if you would like your child to play and practice alone, this would also work.

How you play – There a number of cards with pictures on them, and there are two of each picture. Shuffle the cards and place them picture side down.

The first player turns over two cards to reveal two pictures. If they aren’t a match, they must be turned back to face down.

Then the next player does the same and so on. As more pictures are revealed, players must try to remember where they are to reveal a matching pair on their turn.

Tip: When turning cards face down at the end of each turn, it is important to put each card back in its exact spot – regardless of how many cards have been removed.

Benefits of Memory Card Game

  • Stimulates memory – simply by remembering where each picture is when revealed.
  • Builds concentration – your child will have to be focused on the game even when it is not their turn! Watching other players revealing cards is just as important as having a turn.
  • Matching pairs (called visual discrimination) – the ability to see differences in similar objects is an essential skills for learning to recognize letters, numbers and shapes.
  • Recognition – your child will learn to recognize numbers, pictures and shapes as they look for identical pairs
  • It’s a game your child can play alone – giving you a few minutes of peace!

Variations to the game

Design your own cards– draw pictures of animals, facial expressions, or anything your artistic ability desires! Just remember to make two of each picture.

Match opposites – Create cards that match with their opposite (happy-sad, wet-dry, full-empty and so on. See our list of opposites for more ideas.)

Match letters or numbers – Create two cards for each number or letter of the alphabet (or a selection of) as your child starts to identify numbers and letters.

Match words – Select a range of simple words (as a guide, see our Dolch Words and simple 3 letter words) as your child is learning to read, and create cards for them!

Educational Toys and Games Resources

Snap – This game teaches your child to match pairs and, depending on the deck, can help your child recognize numbers or other objects featured on the cards.

Go Fish – The perfect introduction to the world of card games. Go Fish teaches your child to match pairs, describe objects by color and count pairs. It also introduces strategy to your child.

Snakes and Ladders – A Snakes and Ladders board game is the perfect addition for any household with young children. Not only is the game fun but also highly educational.

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