Lost and Found

is a beautiful story about friendship and loneliness. A boy helps a lost penguin finds his way back to the south pole, only to realise that the penguin wasn’t lost at all. This timeless tale will touch your child’s heart – from the loneliness of the penguin to the growing friendship of the boy and penguin.

The story begins when the boy finds a penguin on his door. Assuming the penguin is lost, the boy tries to help the penguin find his way home. The boy and the penguin travel to the south pole in a row boat telling stories the whole way and becoming great friends.

The illustrations are moving and full of feeling. The drawings have a simplicity that helps your child focus on the relationship between the boy and the penguin. The bright and bold drawings make it a pleasure for children and adults alike.

First published in 2005, Lost and Found was the second book written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

Tips for parents

Lost and Found is a great picture book that provides many opportunities for discussion with your child. For example:

  • Talk to your child about the sadness of the penguin and what it feels to be lonely. You can talk to your child about how you won’t be lonely when you spend time with friends and family.
  • Pick out the boy’s room (the one with the light on) when he couldn’t sleep.
  • Play a game where you and your child try to make up a story as to how the penguin arrived at the boy’s door step.

Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an artist, author and illustrator from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He published his first book How to Catch a Star
in 2004 and has since written and illustrated 11 books in total and illustrated five other titles.

Lost and Found
won the Nestle Smarties Book Prize Gold Medal in 2006.


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