Letter Z Song

This letter Z song is one of a series of guruparents phonics songs.

The song introduces the letter sound by featuring 12 words containing the letter z sound, including some sight words.

Kids songs are a good way for a child to start to learn to read – and this one is set to a catchy rap tune, features lots of colorful pictures and has a simple rhyming pattern. It is also a good song to introduce the letter z for someone who is learning English.

The final letter of the alphabet is also the least used – a random sampling of English would be expected to yield fewer than 8 ‘z’s per 10,000 letters.

Pleasingly, ‘z’ can almost always be relied upon to be pronounced with a ‘z is for zoo’ sound.

Letter Z (zed) Song version

Letter Z Song Lyrics

Z is for zoo – lots of animals to see
Z is in buzz – the sound made by a bee

Z is in prize – it is given to the winner
Z is for zucchini – that you sometimes eat at dinner

Z is in horizon – the farthest thing in sight
Z is for zebra – its stripes are black and white

Z is in New Zealand – a country way down south
Z is in sneeze – please cover up your mouth!

Z is in zero – it is so nice and round
Z is in drizzle – gently falling to the ground

Z is in lizard – it crawls along the floor
Z is in snooze – I hope that you don’t snore!

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