Letter T Song

This letter T song is one of a series of guruparents phonics songs.

The song introduces the letter sound by featuring 12 words starting with the letter t sound, including some sight words.

Kids songs are a good way for a child to start to learn to read – and this one is set to a catchy rap tune, features lots of colorful pictures and has a simple rhyming pattern. It is also a good song to introduce the letter s for someone who is learning English.

The letter t is one of the most important in English. After ‘e’ it is the most commonly used letter –almost one out of every ten letters in English usage is a ‘t’.

Letter T Song Lyrics

T is for train — it runs along a track
T is for turtle — with its house on its back

T is for trumpet — it makes a loud sound
T is for tree — it grows so tall and proud

T is for tractor — it has very big wheels
T is for table — where we sit for our meals

T is for twins — they both look the same
T is for tennis — such a wonderful game

T is for television — with a big screen
T is for toothpaste — it keeps our teeth clean

T is for tomato — it grows on a vine
T is for triangle — a shape with 3 lines

Letter T and Alphabet Resources

Letter T Worksheets – try using our Letter T Worksheets. They are free and printable for parents and teachers to use.

Alphabet Chart – the alphabet chart consists of all the letters with a picture corresponding to the phonic sound they make. The chart is a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child.

Alphabet Songs – try using these alphabet songs that we’ve compiled that are freely available on youtube.

View more videos like the Letter T Song on the guruparents youtube channel.

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