Letter L Song

This letter L song is one of a series of guruparents phonics songs.

The song introduces the letter sound by featuring 12 words beginning with the letter l sound, including some sight words.

Kids songs are a good way for a child to start to learn to read – and this one is set to a catchy rap tune, features lots of colorful pictures and has a simple rhyming pattern. It is also a good song to introduce the letter L for someone who is learning English.

Generally the letter L makes a nice consistent sound, although the presence of silent ‘l’ in quite a few words does add a bit of complexity. ‘L’ is one of the more difficult letters to pronounce correctly and a surprising number of adults struggle to get it completely right.

Many people pronounce ‘l’ incorrectly – even people who are otherwise extremely well spoken. In some words the ‘l’ sound is quite hard to produce and people often make a ‘w’ sound instead. For example, you will hear ‘stiw’ instead of ‘still’, ‘douboow’ instead of ‘double’ and ‘awways’ rather than ‘always’.

In reality, almost every English speaker is guilty of this mistake at least occasionally – especially when we are in a hurry or feeling a bit lazy. Rather than making the correct ‘l’ sound, our lips move forward and out comes the ‘w’ sound instead!

It is worth taking some extra time with your child when introducing the letter ‘l’ to ensure they are pronouncing it correctly.

If English is not your child’s first language, they may have difficulty in correctly differentiating between the ‘l’ and ‘r’ sounds. This difference is very important in English – getting it right goes a long way towards sounding natural and correct. For more information see our letter L page.

Letter L Song Lyrics

L is for lion – it has a mighty roar
L is for lobster with its big strong claws

L is for ladder – to climb up high
L is for lightning – it bolts down from the sky

L is for lettuce – it’s green and round
L is for leaves – they fall down to the ground

L is for letters – we use them to write
L is for light switch – to turn on the light

L is for legs – we use them to stand
L is for lollipop – it fits in your hand

L is for lock – to secure a door
L is for lizard – it crawls along the floor

Letter L and Alphabet Resources

Letter L Worksheets – try using our Letter L Worksheets. They are free and printable for parents and teachers to use.

Alphabet Chart – the alphabet chart consists of all the letters with a picture corresponding to the phonic sound they make. The chart is a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child.

Alphabet Songs – try using these alphabet songs that we’ve compiled that are freely available on youtube.

View more videos like the Letter L Song on the guruparents youtube channel.

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