Letter I Song

This letter I song is one of a series of guruparents phonics songs.

The song introduces the letter sound by featuring 12 words beginning with the letter i sound, including some sight words.

Kids songs are a good way for a child to start to learn to read – and this one is set to a catchy rap tune, features lots of colorful pictures and has a simple rhyming pattern. It is also a good song to introduce the letter I for someone who is learning English.

The letter i is the fifth most commonly used letter in English. It is pronounced in two main ways – the short ‘i’ sound in ‘big’ and the long ‘i’ sound in ‘bike’.

Although in text messages it may be okay to use the lowercase ‘i’ when talking about yourself (for example, ‘i feel gr8 today’), it is never acceptable to do this in more formal writing.

Despite this, many children aged 10 or 11 (or even older!) use the lower case ‘i’ for the personal pronoun all the time. This feature of a child’s writing tends to scream out to the reader that ‘i am not a very good writer!’ so make sure your child learns how to do it the right way!

Some new speakers of English have difficulty in pronouncing the ‘i’ sound correctly. A common problem is to say ‘i’ with an ‘ee’ sound – therefore a word such as ‘did’ will sound more like ‘deed’.

Letter I Song Lyrics

I is for igloo a home made out of ice
I is for itchy – a feeling that’s not nice

I is for Italy – its capital is Rome
I is for India — where Indians call home

I is for inch – even smaller than my hand
I is for instructions – they help us understand

I is for indigo – a lovely shade of blue
I is for internet – connecting me and you

I is for invite – we’d love you to come
I is for illness – when you’re feeling sick and glum

I is for ink – we use it when we write
I is for insects – they keep me up at night

Letter I and Alphabet Resources

Letter I Worksheets – try using our Letter I Worksheets. They are free and printable for parents and teachers to use.

Alphabet Chart – the alphabet chart consists of all the letters with a picture corresponding to the phonic sound they make. The chart is a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child.

Alphabet Songs – try using these alphabet songs that we’ve compiled that are freely available on youtube.

View more videos like the Letter I Song on the guruparents youtube channel.

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