Letter H Song

This letter H song is one of a series of guruparents phonics songs.

The song introduces the letter sound by featuring 12 words beginning with the letter h sound, including some sight words.

Kids songs are a good way for a child to start to learn to read — and this one is set to a catchy rap tune, features lots of colorful pictures and has a simple rhyming pattern. It is also a good song to introduce the letter H for someone who is learning English.

On its own, ‘h’ can generally be relied upon to be pronounced with a ‘h is for hat’ sound, but when it combines in letter pairings it is responsible for some of English’s most important and unique sounds.

Unless you live in Ireland, where ‘haitch’ is the standard pronunciation of the letter, we suggest you teach your child to pronounce it as ‘aitch’. ‘Aitch’ is the ‘correct’ pronunciation – however, more and more younger speakers say ‘haitch’. Most people have more important things to worry about, but a percentage of the population looks down upon those who say ‘haitch’ – so you might as well ensure your child avoids this disadvantage.

There are a small number of words that start with ‘h’ where the ‘h’ is silent. These words include ‘hour’, ‘heir’, ‘honest’ and ‘honor’ and because the first sound of each of them is a vowel sound their indefinite article is ‘an’ not ‘a’ – for example, ‘I was an hour late’.

For native English speakers, ‘h’ is usually a very easy sound to make. However, if English is not your child’s first language they may have a little bit of trouble. For example, if your child’s first language is French, and therefore they are used to making no sound at all for ‘h’, they might need some help to adjust to English.

Letter H Song Lyrics

H is for hands – your left and your right
H is for house – where you sleep at night

H is for hammer – such a useful tool
H is for hot – the opposite of cool

H is for hair – is yours short or long?
H is for heart – it’s beating nice and strong

H is for hat – you wear it on your head
H is for hungry – time to eat some bread

H is for hole – it’s empty inside
H is for helicopter – such good fun to ride

H is for hill – you can climb up to the top
H is for horse – it can gallop, walk or trot

Letter H and Alphabet Resources

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Alphabet Chart – the alphabet chart consists of all the letters with a picture corresponding to the phonic sound they make. The chart is a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child.

Alphabet Songs – try using these alphabet songs that we’ve compiled that are freely available on youtube.

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