Learning Measurement Worksheets

Our printable Learning Measurement Worksheets are designed to introduce your child to the concept of simple measurement.

Your child will learn about measurement well into their school years, as there is a lot to cover – distance, volume, weight and more. These worksheets will give your child hands-on introductory experience with length and height.

The Worksheets

Learning Measurement Worksheet
Learning Measurement Worksheet
Learning Measurement Worksheet

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How to use the worksheets

These free, printable worksheets feature simple measurement exercises for preschoolers.

The first objective is to teach your child about size: big and small, tall and short. See activities for Teaching Opposites at home and everyday.

Once your child has an idea about varying size, then working on these worksheets is the ideal next step in teaching measurement to your child.

Worksheet 1 – Which is the Tallest?

Learning Measurement Worksheet

Discuss with your child the pictures on the worksheet and how each picture is a different size. Help your child identify which picture is the tallest of the three and then circle it.

You could also use this worksheet to identify the smallest picture, or for a more advanced activity, number the pictures in size order from tallest to shortest or vice-versa.



Worksheet 2 – How Tall is it?

Learning Measurement Worksheet

This next worksheet will introduce your child to the concept of actual measurement. Using the colored units as a ruler, measure how many squares tall each picture is and write the number in the box.

Worksheet 3 – Let’s Measure!

Learning Measurement Worksheet

This interactive worksheet will have your child scurrying around the house finding things to measure. You can cut out the unit ruler on the right side of the page and use this to measure how many squares each object is.

The last 2 have been left blank so you can find something else around your house to measure. Just get your child to draw it in!


Final Note

We hope you find these learning measurement worksheets useful. Working on these skills at this stage will build a strong foundation for the many years ahead of learning different types and ways of measuring.
Before you know it, your child will be asking to measure everything around the house and when you are out and about. Keeping the cut out rulers handy might be helpful in that case!


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