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Our Halloween worksheets will help you add a touch of education to traditional October 31 festivities.

The free, printable worksheets focus on helping young children (aged approximately three to seven) enhance their basic literacy and mathematical skills. They are bright and colorful and feature all of the usual Halloween themes (minus anything too scary or unpleasant!)

Each of our Halloween worksheets should only take a matter of minutes to finish – leaving plenty of time for all the fun of pumpkin-carving, costume-designing and trick-or-treating.


The worksheets

Each of the four worksheets focuses on a different skillset:

Worksheet 1: Children gain handwriting practice from tracing six short words, as well as reading and drawing practice from connecting the words to their correct images. If you find this worksheet useful you may also like our free verb worksheets and three letter words worksheets.

Worksheet 2: Young children will get six quick opportunities to practice their counting and writing of numbers. Further worksheets of this kind can be found here.

Worksheet 3: Children are asked to fill in the missing letters of six different words, with an image of each word being included to help them. This worksheet provides kids with reading, spelling and handwriting practice. If this is too advanced for your child at this stage you may find our letter worksheets more useful, starting with our letter A worksheets.

Worksheet 4: Simple arithmetic skills are tested here with two addition and two subtraction questions. Younger children will be able to count the images to make it easier for them. For more addition practice and as a precursor to learning times tables, try our range of skip counting worksheets.

Other Halloween ideas

Halloween image

With a little bit of thought and creativity you can add an element of mathematical learning to many of the traditional activities associated with this time of year. Here are some suggestions:

* Involve your children in the planning process around how much candy you will need for trick-or-treaters. Discuss how many kids are likely to knock on your door, how much candy you plan to give to each, how much total candy you will need and how much this will be likely to cost.

* Take your child with you when you buy the candy and allow them to handle the cash transactions. There will be plenty of good opportunities for discussion around such things as which notes and coins they will use, how much change they have received, whether more or less money was spent than you planned etc.

* There are plenty of simple math exercises that relate to your child’s trick-or-treating. For example, work out how many houses they think they will visit on their planned route, how much candy they expect to get, how many different types of candy they might receive etc. Every member of the family could have guesses across a range of outcomes and afterwards see who came closest.

* After trick-or-treating is over, involve the children in helping allocate an equal amount of each type of candy to everyone. This is a fun way to practice counting, addition, subtraction and division skills.


Final word

Our Halloween worksheets might be especially useful for you if your child is not very keen on math and reading but is excited by Halloween. Because the exercises are short and sharp and feature the fun of Halloween symbols we hope kids might breeze through them without even realizing they are learning!

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