Flags around the world

In a nutshell

Learning some of the flags around the world is a useful and fun exercise for children of most ages.

We have selected the flags of 24 prominent countries and have developed a couple of simple exercises to help your child identify them.

1. Flags song

We had some fun putting this song together and we hope that you and your children find it fun and useful.

It is set to a catchy beat and the lyrics rhyme – so that after just a few viewings you will probably find that your child has memorized it. (Adults, with our sadly inferior memories, may take a bit longer!)

2. Flags worksheets

After listening to the song a few times why not print off these two worksheets for a fun exercise for your child to test their newfound knowledge of flags around the world?

Each worksheet contains 12 flags, along with a list of the 12 countries (in random order) for your child to choose from.

And to save parents from any embarrassment we’ve included answer sheets as well!

Flag First Worksheet  Flag-Second-Worksheet  Flag First Worksheet Answers  Flag-Second-Worksheet-Answers

Click here to download all flag worksheets

Other activities

Some other ways you can have fun with flags include:

* Make your own flag: A fun craft activity is to make your national flag. Here’s
a short video showing you how to make the American flag out of popsicle sticks – if you are not from America, why not see if you and your child can adapt this method to make your own national flag?

* Olympic medal tally: If your child likes sports, during the Olympics you can create your own medal tally for the top 10 nations, using flags. At the end of each day, enjoy updating the table by moving countries and their flags up and down, according to how many medals were won.

There are plenty of websites that you can print flags from. You might like to use Wikipedia as it has an option to download a 200px sized image from each country’s flag page – which is about the perfect size.

* Flag coloring in pages: Simple, but fun for kids who like to color in – you can print some black and white flags to be colored in here.

* Bake a flag cake: This video shows how to bake a cake featuring the American flag – but we’re sure with some inventiveness you could apply this method to the flag of your own country.

Final word

Having an awareness of the flags of different countries of the world is a small but important part of being a well-rounded individual. We hope you and your child have fun exploring the colorful and always fascinating flags of the world.

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