Flag Song

This flag song introduces 24 of the world’s most prominent flags and is meant as an introduction to flags of the world for children.

The lyrics are fast and snappy and rhyme and the music is pleasant and upbeat. Each line of the song contains a fact about the flag in question and an image of the flag is shown.

The learning of flags for children is an important part of their development from an educational viewpoint as well as being a necessary step in them becoming well rounded citizens of the world.

We hope you enjoy our flags of the world song and that it helps your children learn some of the important world flags. For a bit of variety, why not cover the bottom part of the screen with your hand and see which one out of you and your child can be the first person to correctly name each country as the song plays – in effect, using the video as a series of flags flashcards.

Flag Song Lyrics

The German flag has three stripes — gold and red and black
The United Kingdom’s flag is the well-known union jack

The flag of the United States is the famous stars and stripes
Australia’s flag is the union jack plus 6 stars in white

New Zealand’s flag looks the same but with 4 red stars instead
China’s flag has 5 gold stars – and its background is red

A star and crescent moon are on the flag of Pakistan
A large red sun on a white background? It clearly is Japan

The flag of France is blue and red with a white stripe in between
Italy’s looks much the same but instead of blue there’s green

The flag of Indonesia has not three stripes but two
In the centre of the Indian flag is a wheel of navy blue

The yellow cross on the Swedish flag is really rather bright
South Africa’s is yellow and green — and red, black blue and white!

A yellow stripe and two red stripes? Buenos días Spain
And here’s the South Korean flag — it’s anything but plain

Switzerland’s flag is rather rare — because it is a perfect square
And now we see the Turkish flag flying proudly in the air

If you are from Canada you’ll know this maple leaf
And alternating blue white stripes? They’re representing Greece

A starry sky on a field of green? It’s the bright flag of Brazil
The white stripe in the Irish flag is a symbol of goodwill

You’re sure to see these three stripes if you go to Mexico
And this one is the Russian flag — the last one that we’ll show

View more videos like the Flag Song on the guruparents youtube channel.

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