We’ve created a Pinterest board with our favorite number charts. Our new board covers numbers charts from 1-10 to 1-120. We’ve also added in some charts for odd and even numbers, Roman numerals, prime numbers and perfect squares.

You can view the collection through the image below.

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More Useful Information

Teaching your child to count is an important skill to pass on to your child.

Preschool Math Activities – Find some activities here that can give you great ideas for using the numbers chart.

Number flashcards – Use number flashcards to help teach your child how to count. The flashcards are printable and free and cover numbers 1-10.

Number Chart 1-10 – A perfect chart for teaching your child to recognize the numbers up to ten.

Number Chart 1-20 – Use this chart to teach the numbers up to twenty.

Number Chart 1-100 (Hundreds Chart) – If your child has mastered numbers 1-20, you can use a 1-100 chart to teach numbers beyond 20.

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