Eleven Times Table Song

Multiplication times tables are a vital part of a child’s mathematical education.

In many countries the elevens is the second last of the multiplication tables to be taught. This video, guruparents’ ‘Times tables song 11’ aims to take some of the hard work out of the process.

The popularity of times tables songs 1-12 and of times tables rap songs is easily understood. The rhythyms of the music make it easier and more enjoyable to commit the multiplication tables to memory.

Many adults would look back on multiplication songs as a key component of how to learn the times tables fast.

Although the numbers are much higher for the 11 times tables, they are acutally quite easy to learn.

The obvious 11 times table trick is that up until and including 9 x 11, the answer to each one is a two digit number, with both digits being identical. And for the final three 11 products in the 11 times table, 11 x 10 is quite easy – leaving just 11 x 11 and 11 x 12 which might need a special effort to be learned and memorized.

Times Table and Multiplication Resources

Times Table Charts – try using our 1-5 Times Table Chart when you first start teaching your child the times tables. When your child is ready to learn more multiplication you can try using our 1-10 Times Table Chart.

1-5 Times Tables Videos – this compilation of 1-5 times table videos have been taken from a range of sources from YouTube.

Multiplication Chart 1-100 – the multiplication chart 1-100 is another helpful tool to use when teaching multiplication to children.

View more videos like the Eleven Times Table Song on the guruparents YouTube channel.

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