Eight Times Table Song

Multiplication times tables are a vital part of a child’s mathematical education.

Learning the eight times table is a key part of a child’s mathematical education, but so many children never master it.

This simple video features the eight times table said in both ways, set to rhythmic music to aid in memorization.

The ability to multiply large numbers on paper is reliant on a completely knowledge of all the multiplication tables up to ten – so if your child has made it this far, they are almost across the line!

After your child has learned the number sequence all the way up to ‘eight times twelve’ and ‘twelve times eight’, spend some time testing their ability to answer questions in a random order.

And don’t forget that once they know that, say, eight times seven is fifty-six, it is only a tiny leap forward for them to also instantly know that 56 divided by 8 is 7 and 56 divided by 7 is 8.

Above all, be patient and enthusiastic and remember that mathematics should actually be fun!

Times Table and Multiplication Resources

Times Table Charts – try using our 1-5 Times Table Chart when you first start teaching your child the times tables. When your child is ready to learn more multiplication you can try using our 1-10 Times Table Chart.

1-5 Times Tables Videos – this compilation of 1-5 times table videos have been taken from a range of sources from YouTube.

Multiplication Chart 1-100 – the multiplication chart 1-100 is another helpful tool to use when teaching multiplication to children.

View more videos like the Eight Times Table Song on the guruparents YouTube channel.

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