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Early Childhood Education Articles

7 Things You Need to Know About a School (Before You Enroll Your Kid) by Kayla Webley

Time – August 24, 2011

This early childhood education article provides an overview of the key questions you should ask when evaluating a school.

Your child should be surrounded with words, especially in the early years, Tyre said. You want to look for books in the classroom and be sure the class makes regular visits to the library. You also want to ensure the teacher sets aside lots of time for reading, reading instruction and storytelling.

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Clements’ and Sarama’s Early Childhood Education Research Spotlighted in Science University of Buffulo – August 22, 2011

Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama had their early childhood education research featured in Science magazine.

Key quotes from the news article:

Effective early childhood education, the magazine states, can have a significant impact on many aspects of adult life, such as “your comfort with math or even the size of your paycheck.”

According to Clements and Sarama, mathematics is not just one more “subject” to be learned. Mathematical thinking is “cognitively foundational,” they write. For example, preschool children’s knowledge of mathematics predicts their later school success into high school. Further, it predicts later reading achievement, even better than early reading skills.

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Preschool enhances child development by Jay Chelf

Clinton Herald
– August 23, 2011

If you were wondering whether or not to send your child to preschool, Jay Chelf provides some strong arguments why you should, and how your child will be better off for it.

Research has shown that children that attend preschool are associated with higher adulthood educational progress and achievement.

Preschool provides advantages to children by providing an academic boost, physical preparedness and emotional/socializing skills.These opportunities are offered in a developmentally appropriate environment with research based curriculum to help children be well prepared to enter kindergarten.

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