Double E Song

This Double E Song gives 12 examples of when the presence of two Es results in the long E vowel sound.

The double e construct is one of the most useful phonemes for children to learn. The rule applies in the majority of instances – and even in words like ‘steer’ and ‘cheer’, where depending on the speaker’s accent it could be argued the rule doesn’t quite apply, the sound is still close enough that children knowing this rule should be able to work out what the word is.

Along with the ‘ea’ sound and the effect of a silent e, the double e sound rule is an important next step beyond merely ‘sounding out’ unfamiliar words.

Once familiar with this rule, young readers will find their reading vocabularies have expanded rapidly – with words such as ‘freeze’, ‘kneel’, ‘speed’ and ‘been’ suddenly becoming accessible – not to mention hundreds and hundreds of others!

We hope that you find this video useful and that your children enjoy it – especially its silly, rhyming lyrics and bright, colorful pictures. It is suitable for children of all ages but is most beneficial for 4-7 year olds. We also hope that some teachers or tutors find it beneficial to show to their classes.

Double E Song Lyrics

This says “feed”.

Without the second E it says “fed”.

When two Es are together they make an ‘ee’ sound.

Let’s look at other words like this.

Your feet are what you use when you’re going for a walk
Beef is a type of meat, like chicken, lamb or pork

Bees live in a hive and they make a lot of honey
Free is what we call it if it doesn’t cost us money

Your knees are what you bend if you’re wanting to look shorter
A creek is the name for a little stream of water

Green is what you get by mixing yellow and blue
Three is the number that comes after two

A needle’s what you’ll need if you’re wanting to sew
And a seed is required to get a flower to grow

Sheets are what you use when you’re making your bed
A queen is the one with a crown on her head

Can you think of other words like these?

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